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Blindness is a film about a fast spreading pandemic that sweeps across the world, rendering most of the population blind. There may be spoilers in this post.

The movie follows a group of infected individuals as they’re dumped in a facility without anyone to guide them. They’re treated cruelly, quickly things become a mess as people are unable to find their way around as they adapt to their sudden blindness. They are under armed guard, and there is one scene where a guard shoots a lost blind man who is simply seeking guidance of where to go.

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Bodice Rippers

-Trigger Warnings-

Forced seduction. Bodice Rippers. Blackmail. Coercion. Stalking. Dominance.

Romance novels are filled with rape that isn’t called rape. If she says no, and he keeps forcing her into sex, that’s not forced seduction. That’s rape. If he tells her that she has to have sex with him or he’ll reveal a secret she’s been keeping, that’s rape. If he follows her, tells her that she doesn’t know what she’s doing, that they’re meant to be together, then has sex with her despite protests, that’s rape.

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(Role)playing the Victim

-Trigger Warning for discussion about rape and violence against men and women-

I was reading an interesting article last year that got me thinking about how victims are expected to be portrayed in text based roleplay communities, especially those who have experienced sexual abuse or violence.

It was about a female journalist who, after seeing the pain and anguish in another woman after she saw one of the men who raped her after the Haitian earthquake, got Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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-Trigger Warning: I’m speaking about violence, torture, and sexual violence. Skip if that triggers you.-

I’ve often tried to remain conscientious of cultural bias when looking at another country’s customs, doing my best to disseminate the truth from our perception. The perception of the West.

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Eden Connor Interview

This weekend, I did an interview with Eden Connor about Paypal, Erotica, and Female Desires. Go check it out and say hello!

She’s also doing other interviews with readers and writers recently affected by the erotica ban like Sessha Batto and Remittance Girl.

Barely Legal Teens

Not Safe for Work. Contains Adult Content. Possibly triggering discussion of legal teen sex.

Hugo Schwyzer made a post last month on Jezebel about ‘barely legal’ porn, questioning its prominence and coming to the conclusion that it’s often about power and often an undesirable thing in men. The article was overwhelmingly focused on men being aroused by 18-19 year old women. It didn’t touch on women who have barely legal fantasies, or who like to dress up as a school girl / cheerleader / etc. and engage in roleplay.

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Paypal’s Corporate Power

Not Safe for Work. Discussion about erotica and taboos.

Last week soured me.

Some of you have probably already heard about Paypal and their issues with Bookstrand and Smashwords, but for those of you that don’t follow those circles, Paypal has forced them (and paypal says they were forced by one of the credit card companies) to no longer allow websites to be served by them if they have certain content.

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Taboo Erotica

Not Safe For Work – Contains Adult Content.

Taboos are different for everyone. Sure, there are some overarching topics that are pretty standard across North America as being taboo such as incest, but for the most part, one person’s taboo erotica is another person’s vanilla pudding.

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Sexual Harassment and Online Trolling

Trigger warning for discussion of sexual harassment.

I was reading on Geekfeminism about how common it is for women to be hit on and harassed online to the point that most women are silent about it because it’s just such a common occurrence – leading men to be unaware that this exists.

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Infantilizing Women in the Name of Feminism

Trigger Warning for discussion of sex work. Pictures NSFW.

I want to talk about the sex industry as a whole and the polarization between different types of feminists when it comes to this industry. Please note that any time I use the word ‘objectify’, I use it as it’s commonly used throughout some feminist media – particularly sex negative media – to describe when a man lusts for a woman based on physicality alone. I will also note that I do not agree with this usage of the term as it lessens its impact when used to describe true objectification.

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