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Self Fulfilling Prophecies

One of the biggest problems that stems from the perception of piracy is individual’s knee jerk reactions that hurt no one more than themselves.

Wizards of the Coast pulled their D&D books from online format after finding they were being pirated. Currently there is no legitimate way to purchase ebook formats or PDFs of Dungeons and Dragons because WotC was frightened of losing money. Now those who want (or need!) D&D books electronically are being forced to pirate it – even if they don’t want to. There is a Compendium available, but it contains the rules and is website based, so there is no convenient way to get your D&D books – which, I might add, are fairly a bitch to tote around.

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Blog Roundup

I’ve been so busy this past few weeks. My writing partner has damaged his wrists, so we’ve been taking the time to do things-not-on-computer. Not to mention I’ve been trying to haul ass editing… 4 or 5 different things to publish.

As well, I did a guest post at Ms Behaved on Relationships and the Success and Beauty myths in heterosexual relationships, so go check that out!

Onto the awesome roundup! There was a lot of stuff I found this week!

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DRM, Piracy, and Indies

I don’t buy the idea that piracy is hurting the entertainment industry – at least not to the point that the entertainment industry wants us to believe. What is hurting them the most is a failure and complete unwillingness to adapt to technology and changing consumer desires and demands.

Consumers want convenience. Consumers want high levels of customer service. Most importantly, though, consumers want their purchases to conform to their needs and desires, where and when they want it, not the other way around.

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