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Update on Absence

Hey all,

So this kind of blows. I made a post back in April about how I wouldn’t be updating for a few weeks because of my wrists. Luckily I had enough material already prepared to get us through July but a few weeks ago, that ran out as well.

While I’m slowly regaining use of my hands, it’s not fast enough to be able to blog regularly, at least at this time. I miss it, I love it, and I can’t wait to get back to it – but I have to make sure I do things right. I hope to be back to blogging on Femmedia soon, but I have no estimated date at this time.

I miss chatting with you guys, I miss checking out my forums, and holy fuck do I miss writing – both fiction and non-fiction! I hope to be back soon!

Naked Men

This is a topic I’ve thought on, well… not as much as I’d like, honestly. Nude or barely clad females surround us, sensual images of women are now used to sell us everything from cars, to chocolate, to beautiful resorts in exotic places, to burgers, and everywhere in between. We see women presented so often in sexual manners, that even as women we’re conditioned to accept it, embrace it. Many women enjoy looking at other women, be it for sexual purposes or other reasons.

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Boys Who Play Girls – Female Measurement Guide

I’m a strong supporter of men playing female characters and female playing male characters. What better way to empathize with the opposite sex than to put yourself in the figurative mind and body of one?

However, I often notice that men, for some reason, have trouble with bra sizes. And weights. And statures of women. So I wanted to help out a bit in that regard!

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Passion and Progress

You know, I’ve been thinking for a while about a blog topic. About what I wanted to write about, that I felt passionately about, that I really wanted to have a say on.

It’s not easy, though, to find something that I feel passionately about, for good or for bad. I spend most of my life trying not to feel so strongly about things because I have a very all-or-nothing personality. If I focus on all the bad things that upset me about, say, video games, then it will upset me and I’ll feel very disenfranchised. This is obviously a negative thing.

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Mental Illness in Gaming Communities

One thing I’ve noticed over my years of being online, and my years of gaming, its that a lot of people suffer in silence from mental illness. It’s often said that many people, when online, are more willing and able to become the person they wish they could be. They become the person they hide during their day to day life.

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Jobs and Choices

Trigger warning for discussion of sex work.

There was a thread earlier on Literotica talking about prostitution, why it was illegal, and what that meant. Someone said the problem was that some women didn’t have a choice but to sleep with people for food to feed their family.

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Language and Offense

We often talk about being politically correct and using language that isn’t purposefully offensive to people. We try to be mindful of other people’s feelings and to maintain civil discourse.

However, there have been times when I have complimented someone and they took it to be insulting just because of their own associations with a specific word, and their own relationship with language.

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Publishers and Books

I’ve never read a book based on who published it.

I wasn’t sure if this was a strange thing or not until I did this blog. I read books based on my interests, or recommendations from others who have similar interests to me. I can only name three publishing houses off the top of my head (Harlequin, Scholastic, and Penguin) and I couldn’t tell you of a single book under those houses.

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When Will They Call it a Drinking Problem?

*Will contain spoilers for seasons 1-5 of Big Bang Theory*

Penny, of Big Bang Theory, has a drinking problem.

Apparently no one is talking about it, and it doesn’t seem a likely topic to come up in a serial sitcom with a laugh track. It would be, by far, the most serious issue they’d touch on, so I’m not holding my breath.

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Indie Author’s Barriers

I wrote before about barriers and piracy, but this time I want to narrow in on a single barrier.

The biggest barrier for indie publishers (of all media) is not being known. No one is going to buy your book, or game, or movie, or anything else if they don’t know you or it even exists.

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