All Quiet

Michelle and I would like to apologize to our regular (and new) readers. We have a backlog of blog posts waiting to go up but we haven’t been tending to them.

The reason isn’t a lack of passion for the subject matter, as that never dies, but more a matter of limited time and ability.

Truth be told, the little fiasco with my post on an experience in Guild Wars 2 being picked up by so many places and construed so bizarrely was draining. The innumerable hate mail and trolling from people who hadn’t even read the original piece was tedious and came at a time when we were already very over-taxed by real life concerns.

This doesn’t mark the end of the blog as such, as we feel we’ll always need some venue to express our less popular views, but for now we’ll be taking some time to sort out important matters in real life and get back to a semblance of normality before we likely continue blogging.

We’ve an aggressive publishing schedule to keep up with, and have been invited to be the keynote speakers at a local sex expo (which everyone in Newfoundland should show up to and support us) in two months in regards to our writing. We’re very excited for these things, but even that is a bit tense for people like us who enjoy the quiet life.

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