You know, I almost wanted to give up. To stop blogging, to just focus on my writing. It’s hard to be blogging constantly, even on topics I love and want to talk about. You have to constantly be editing your material to make sure it’s readable, that it’s accurate, that it’s not going to be misconstrued. You want it to be clear and persuasive, and that doesn’t come natural to me.

I read a lot of things about how to make my blog better. To add ‘value’ to people’s lives, to give them something in return. Make sure to blog regularly, to add pictures, to not be too long, to not be too short. I feel like the more I worried about these things, the less interesting of person I became. The less interesting my blog became, and the less interested I was in writing.

One of the things I read about how not to blog is to use ‘I’ too much, but you know… I like blogs that use ‘I’ a lot. Those are the ones I read, the ones that I feel I can make a connection with the author. That I can sit down and chat with them and engage in their opinions.

Sure I follow a lot of feminist blogs that just talk about the issues, but they’re the ones I glance over looking for something of interest to me. The ones I read religiously are ones that offer just one person’s perspective or opinion on a variety of topics. The ones that feel like you’re getting to know a full person.

Because of this, I’m stripping it all away. I’m going to be blogging about things I like and things I know – erotica, pornography, writing. Feminism, video games, movies. Religion, politics, society. This is the stuff I know and find interesting. How can I write rape fantasies and be against rape culture? Why are there so few games that have a 50-50 ratio of men and women? How awesome was Battlestar Galactica? Why is society telling women that jealousy over porn is acceptable?

This is the stuff I want to write about, and this is the stuff I’m going to write about.

As well, I just can’t write all the time. Sometimes I’m busy – I work a full time job, my partner and I try to publish an erotic short or story every two weeks, we’re the owners and admins of Darknest which is a forum of over 100k members dedicated to erotic story, art and roleplay. Because of this, my partner and I have decided to share this platform, and the topics of discussion will broaden.

J.E. Keep has been my partner for well over a decade after we met online in 2001. We’ve been living together since 2002, and we are two parts of the same whole. He’s a brilliant man with amazing insights into the world, especially in regards to politics and war. Having a B.A. in History and devouring countless books on the subjects certainly helps.

He’s posted here before, and I’m so proud and pleased to share this blog with him. With this, we’re renaming it from Femmedia to Keep It Up, which will better reflect our togetherness in blogging and our eternal optimism.

We both hope you continue to read the blog and feel more comfortable conversing with us. Please note that with this we will also be rolling out a new comments policy and comments that are disrespectful, aggressive, or off-topic will not be approved. All comments will require approval before they appear on the site.

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