I have been sick this week and unable to blog, but I found this post on strong female characters and interdependence that said a lot of the things I wanted to say in such an elegant manner.

What I look for in strong female characters when I evaluate their relationship to other people is interdependence. There is no shame in relying on other people sometimes, on needing their emotional, physical, or other support, just as there is no shame in offering that support to the people around you when they need your help. Look at Veronica Mars, for example; there are scenes where Logan helps her when she’s in a jam, but conversely, she’s also the one helping him when he’s falsely accused of murder and he’s trying to exonerate himself. The two characters enjoy an intimate connection and an interdependent one as they help each other navigate the world, and it’s a more more equitable balance than one where Logan always saves the day or Veronica never shows vulnerability.

Another thing I loved about Veronica Mars was that she had relationships of all different types. She had male and female friendships, she had a loving and supportive relationship with her father. She was a wonderful role model, and I’m still upset they cancelled the show.

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