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Quicky roundup today!

Banned Writers: Visa Writes Us Back! “This is Not Our Doing”. Visa takes no position with respect to lawful goods and services bought and sold by the people and the companies who use our payment service.

One Handed Writers: Crossing the Line with Fanfiction But what about Fanfiction? When does fanfiction cross the line and become copyright infringement and/or plagiarism?

One Handed Writers: Censoring Your Sex Stories–and Not in the Paypal Way You have to write things that make you and readers uncomfortable–things that hurt, that may even offend–if those things are true.

Sex Work, Sex Trade: Backpage I hope they don’t arrest or sleep with any sex workers or trafficking victims in the process, because I was actually hoping to do more good than harm with reporting him.

Fang for the Fantasy: Cover Snark: She Must Be Freezing She is wearing a halter top in the snow. A halter top in the snow. Her arms are bare along with most of her chest In. The. Snow. She is quite literally freezing her breasts off.

Gappy Tales: In Praise Of Cunt: thoughts on language and power But Cunt. Now there’s a word. Divisive, staccato, occasionally sexy, sometimes brutal. A word flavoured with strong, gut-deep feeling. No-one, surely, can remain impassive in the face of the word Cunt.

Clarissa’s Blog Do Men See Themselves As More Important Than Women? This is not about men despising women. This is about people feeling threatened by the idea that the most basic binary that they use to explain the humanity at large might be completely useless. Julia Gillard’s Rise Marks the Triumph of Machine Politics Over Feminism Omitting entirely Gillard’s politics, she asked, “What’s not to like? That she’s a woman, that’s what. An unmarried, middle-aged woman in power – any man’s and many women’s nightmare”.

Role / Reboot: Four Years, Post Scandal, Why are Eliot and Silda Spitzer Still Married? The odds of their marital survival seemed so stacked against them. The suffocating spotlight. The betrayal. The sheer humiliation. The wild speculations. But a closer look at other couples in recent years that weathered the sex-scandal gauntlet reveals that the Spitzers are not alone.

Inspiration Strikes: Being a woman in public: just like wearing swastikas and shouting racist slogans So the very act of being a woman in public is akin to wearing swastikas and shouting racist slogans? Our very existence is provocation to violence? AWESOME.

Pretentious Title: How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day Because I’m a giant nerd, I ended up creating a metric, a triangle with three core requirements: Knowledge, Time, and Enthusiasm. Any one of these can noticeably boost your daily output, but all three together can turn you into a word machine. I never start writing these days unless I can hit all three.

Savage Love: Another Gold-Star Pedophile Sadly, in the United States, we’ve taken steps that make it harder for pedophiles to get the support they need to avoid offending.

Anthology Call: Transgressive Erotica Anthology Submissions Call Get as gritty as you need to to grind down to the pure truth of human sexuality embedded in your story.

The Naked Anthropologist: Thai sex workers: Anti-trafficking Rescues are Our Biggest Problem Why is the world so afraid to have young, working class, non-English speaking, and predominantly non-white women moving around? It’s not us that are frequently found to be pedophiles, serial killers or rapists. We have never started a war, directed crimes against humanity or planned and carried out genocide.

Geek Feminism: A Jedi Needs Not Games To #Fail: Ableism, Fat Hatred, Heterosexism, and Misogyny in Star Wars: The Old Republic Like most feminist gamers I know, I have learned to give myself permission to love problematic things. If I didn’t, I’d pretty much have to give up on video games entirely.


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    Hey. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for including me in your weekly round-up. It’s much appreciated.

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