Blog Roundup

Welcome to another blog roundup! A lot of interesting food for thought here. I don’t fully agree with everything linked below, but all links got me thinking, which is the most important thing.

A quick reminder that I guest blogged at Eden Connor’s blog: Women Desire Taboos in Their Erotica

SciFi/Fantasy/Geek Culture

Tara Maya – Sci-Fi / Fantasy Killing Off Characters

Rose Lemberg Feminist SF/F: on Feminist Characters

Geek Feminism Dystopian/Scifi stuff with strong female characters?

xkcd Pickup Artist

The Border House “Not Okay”: MovieBob on Sexism and Harassment in Nerd Culture

The Border House Immoral Women: Why We Need More of Them

Apple Cider Mage Learned Helplessness: A Cage Called Harassment

Geek Feminism For Google doodles, flowers=women.

Women / Feminism / Sex Work

The Female Sex Race and the Sex Industry: Why Sex Workers of Colour Give More for Less

The FWord Hot pants or hot air?

Mother Jones Insane Sex Laws Inspired by Republicans


The Erotic Writer Casualties: The Closing of a Press

The PayPal Blog PayPal’s acceptable use policy on sale of certain “erotica”

No Boundaries Press NBP is Guest Blogging Today

About that Writing thing. Paypal drops a censorship bomb.

Violet Williams Erotica Rise Up With Fists.

Eden Connor I Questioned Whether I Was a Monster

Banned Writers PayPal’s Defense and My Rebuttal

Trashy’s Treasures Here I am. Where am I going?

Banned Writers Visa Writes Us Back! “This is Not Our Doing”.

Publishing’s New Frontier PayPal’s Censorship Debacle

Eden Connor Censored For Expressing a Fantasy

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