SWTOR: Women Don’t Flirt?

I’ve been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) for the last few weeks, and have been really enjoying it. I’ve leveled a Sith Inquisitor to 25 and I’ve been finding the quests engaging, the characters interesting, and the moral choices to be over all well done (though some are fairly arbitrary).

However, there’s been one issue that’s been enough to almost make me want to quit.

Where are my flirt options?

On my female Sith Inquisitor, she hasn’t had a single flirt option made available to her. Apparently there wasn’t a single person that she wanted to call attractive, or want to get closer to.

My partner, however, is playing a male Sith Inquisitor. By this point in the game, he’d had two sexual partners and a couple other flirt options. Even though there was a male counter part to one of his sexual conquests, there was no flirt option available to me.

I’m a woman, damn it. I want to flirt. I want to meet interesting males and have my sith pureblood flirt! Why is it that a male of the same class gets more options than a female? I thought the gender trope was that women liked romance while men liked violence, and here I am, stiffed and frigid!

This has actually seriously hindered my desire to play, despite all the fun I’ve been having with the game. The romance options were one of the most interesting and different things this mmo had going for it, and the lack of attention to female characters is discouraging, and I’m not the only one that feels this way.

This is just another way that video game makers seek to appeal to women (by allowing female characters, allowing romance options, allowing decisions based outcomes to actions) but falls short by giving female characters less options than men.

Update: At level 27 I was finally given my first flirt option and it was one of the most satisfying things I’ve done in game.


  1. J. Wright says:

    It does indeed seem like a bizarre choice.

    It’s as if they designed the female stories under the assumption that men would be playing female characters, and would be so uncomfortable with their sexuality that they’d dislike options to flirt with men. Because, of course, the game has no same-sex options as well. Highly disappointing.

    A couple annoying blemishes on an otherwise surprisingly fantastic game.

    Though funnily enough, despite being male I usually like play female characters in RPGs. Being for the simple reason I find it easier to create female avatars I approve of than males, which I am far more particular over. This, however, turns me off from wanting to do so.

    • Anjasa says:

      I read that republic smuggler females get plenty of flirt options, but I really shouldn’t have to min/max my race and class creation based around flirting.

      I mean, part of the reason I like the game is because I get to make choices and decisions on my character, thinking in terms of what she’s likely to do, and it becomes more realistic with a wider range of choices. If I want to have a sith inquisitor who sleeps with random people all the time, that should be as much my choice as if I rolled a republic smuggler. It should be my choice to take it – or not – not an arbitrary thing that’s only available to me if I play the right class – or gender.

      And yes, it’s killed my enthusiasm to play other female characters when I’m able to see how many options males have compared to females of the same class.

  2. Amerist says:

    No kidding!

    Yes, @Anjasa, female Smuggler has flirt options up the wall as does female Agent. I also wondered why my female Sith Inquisitor couldn’t flirt with anything (male or female) and that she’d been restricted to being a prissy or angry individual driven to a life of furious solitude.

    Funny things, one of the flirt options for the female Agent actually ends with her appearing to regret her decision (I’ve run this conversation both ways just to see the outcome.) And the female Smuggler gets a chance to get drunken hit on by one of her companions in a rather weird scene…

    I think that BioWare might do well to invent more options for all the classes to show their colors–although perhaps the Jedi might be more staid and priggish about their sexuality; whereas I see no reason for a Sith to restrain their passions.

    • Anjasa says:

      The worst part is that the voice actress does such a great job playing a sarcastic and flirty character. Even when I’m not given a flirt option, she still sounds pretty damn flirty. Plus she totally acts like a woman who takes what she wants.

      I loved Dheno Ray. I immediately tried to roll a character that looked just like him.

      And yea, I could understand why Jedi have less options, though I still wouldn’t really prefer that. More options is always better than less in my mind.

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  4. Cinda says:

    I’m a lvl 50 smuggler female.. and there are PLENTY of flirt options for me in this class.. sadly however… thats where the river dries up.

    No other class (female) has seemingly as many flirt options.. which is a crying shame.. I want to be the tease and get what I want how I want it by using my Force given gifts of womanhood.

    I’ve had serious issues rolling a secondary character just because I have to think.. do I want to be a frigid prude my whole life.. or do I want to roll a male just so I can play the flirt.. (male voice actors are pretty dull btw)
    And whats more 2 of the best companions Mako and Vette are both off limits to my female characters and only able to be hit on by my male counterparts ..

    The female smuggler voice actress also happens to voice Fifi LeFume and Lola Bunny .. so okay I see why she got all the flirt lines.. but come on Bioware.. be fair some of us females like your games for this very reason.. we want to flirt too.. weather we’re Bounty Hunters or Sith or Agents, or even Jedi and Troopers (though Jen’s flirts in ME2 were pretty bad).. so let us be bad.. we’re females…

    We’re very good at being very bad….

    • Anjasa says:

      Haha, too right! I mean, I like games that are fun. The flirting was something new to MMOs and something fun! And the fact that it was denied to so many classes really did stop me from being able to enjoy rerolling.

      I mean, my subscription is about to lapse, and I won’t say it fully has to do with the flirt options, but I do feel I would have enjoyed the game a lot more with more flirt options, and it might have allowed me to get into more characters and stick around longer.

      It just felt so half assed, and because it’s a fully voice acted game, it’s harder to ‘correct’ that after launch.

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